Youth Climbing Team

Youth Climbing Team – Ages 5 – 18
Climbing Team will resume on Tuesday, January 9th. Click HERE to enroll your child in our climbing team program.

Beginning Climbing Team

Focused on enjoying climbing and growing their skills, our beginning team is great for kids just getting into climbing. Our coaches provide a safe and fun environment for kids to try new skills, play games, learn climbing techniques, and gym etiquette.

Climbers must be able to listen to and follow instructions, be encouraging of others, and practice safe climbing.

Intermediate/Advanced Team

Our Intermediate/Advanced Team helps kids advance their climbing skills to the next level in a fun, team-focused environment. Advanced climbing skills, problem solving techniques, and basic strength training will be included in these practices. 

Climbers must show problem solving skills, interest in growing their skills, and enthusiasm for climbing. 

The Recreate Climbing Team is a youth climbing team dedicated to the development of young athletes.  We strive to develop our athletes skills, confidence, and passion for climbing. Please contact us at for additional information. 


We believe in a mind, body, soul approach to fitness. Our mission is to create a fitness community that supports an adventure-driven lifestyle. We want to create a space where members are known and built up – from the inside out.  

We strive to foster a growth mindset through focusing on individual’s needs, helping each Team member find empowerment through their hard work and goal setting. Regardless of their reasoning for joining Teams, to push their limits, have fun with friends, or simply be active, we encourage each member to do their personal best and have fun.


All Team members are expected to respect the time and effort of their teammates and coaches. Team members should arrive on time prepared to try their hardest, maintain a positive attitude, and encourage their teammates. Team members are also expected to be courteous and positive members of the climbing community both inside and outside of practice.

Equipment and Apparel

Team members will need climbing shoes to participate. Team members can rent shoes for $35/season (the shoes must remain at the facility). They are encouraged to have a chalk bag and chalk, but it is not a requirement.

Team Schedule

The Teams train Tuesdays and Thursdays, January 9th through May 30th. The Beginning Team meets from 3:30-4:20 pm. The Intermediate/Advanced Team meets from 4:30-5:20 pm. No practices are held on Butte Public School Holidays or Breaks.

Policy Information:

  • Membership and Gear Discounts:  All Recreate Team Members are required to have an active climbing team membership. Participants are able to use this membership to climb anytime the gym is open.
  • Billing and Payment Policy: You will be billed monthly dues each month regardless of the total number of classes held that month. Payment will be by monthly automatic withdrawal (EFT). We will put your credit or debit card on file and automatically charge you on the 9th of the month. Please note, you will need to create an account and add your payment information to be billed monthly.
  • Cancellation: We require two-week’s notice to cancel out of the team and avoid being billed for the following month. To cancel your child’s enrollment please contact our coaches at or use the support function through our client portal.

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