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Why Recreate

Our philosophy:
Getting in the best shape of your life can be an epic experience.

Recreate offers both a Functional Fitness Group Training Facility and a Bouldering Gym. Functional Fitness and Bouldering are activities achievable for all levels of physical fitness. We also offer a holistic nutrition coaching program backed by a registered dietitian.

Our bouldering facility is located on the main level. You can climb at our facility by purchasing a day pass. We also have punch passes and memberships available SIGN OUR WAIVER HERE, before attending, to save time on check-in.

Our fitness training facility is located on our second floor. Click here to see our upcoming class schedule. Our coaches will guide you through workouts that meet your fitness level and needs.
HOW TO ATTEND OUR FITNESS CLASSES: Sign up for a FREE INTRO. Create an account and SIGN OUR WAIVER HERE, then book your appointment HERE! At your appointment, we’ll give you a tour of the facility and get to know you and your goals. We’ll also hook you up with your First Class TOTALLY FREE (locals only)!

OUr Mission
We believe in a mind, body, soul approach to fitness and nutrition. Our mission is to create a fitness community that supports an adventure-driven lifestyle. We have a vision to create a space where our members are known and built up - from the inside out.

We love group fitness and believe that getting fit should be FUN!

Fitness and fun
Get inspired to go beyond what you thought possible

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. Also known as functional training or functional movement.  It trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.

If you want to hike, bike, ski, climb, walk or just feel better, functional fitness will help you achieve your goals.

Rock Climbing

Bouldering is a style of climbing done close to the ground without the use of ropes and harnesses, and with a matted floor for protection. This popular branch of rock climbing practices climbing moves and problem solving skills to move up the wall. Bouldering is now an Olympic Sport!

PUsh yourself
You're stronger than you know

What We Offer

At Recreate, we offer a variety of complimentary opportunities.

Check in faster when you get to Recreate by signing our E-WAIVER online before you come.

Get a glimpse of what you can experience

We offer individual memberships to each gym, and a dual access membership. The gyms were created to complement one another – helping you improve your fitness with whichever activity you choose.

Always Fun
Get ready for the BEST fitness experience of your life.

Live your best life.
Come and Recreate with us today.

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